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While we always encourage clients to come in and see how unique and beautiful Environite™ is in person, we’re also happy to prepare a no-obligation quote for clients upon request.

How Does Environite™ Stack Up?

We’ve stacked Environite™ up (no pun intended) against the other main countertop and surface materials, and here are the results

Environite™ Granite Quartz Concrete
Made from ~85% recycled materials
Manufactured to size
Custom color options
Custom patterns & designs
Non-porous and stain-resistant
Resealing required or recommended
Produces minimal waste
Less than 10%

More than 25%

10 - 25% waste

Water waste
Seamless construction / design
Up to 20'

Up to 12'

Up to 12'

Up to 12'

Our Color Palette

We offer many standard and premium color choices, but we can also custom match any color from any major paint manufacturer